The region Dordogne – Périgord

Discover the riches of this unique region with fortified villages and medieval towns in the Dordogne-Périgord !

Congratulations on your excellent choice !

You have chosen the Dordogne – Périgord for your next holiday. Land of prehistory and history. Land of emotions and the art of living ! You’ll see…

The area is rich in history. Castles, caves, fortified villages and medieval towns, classified villages, abbeys and monasteries, fortified churches. Gastronomy, vineyards.
Did you know the valley of the Dordogne has been added as a reserve to the UNESCO programme of Man and Biosphere in 2012 ?

You are here in the middle of the land of fortified villages and medieval towns

camping-dordogne-cites-medievaleOur nearby village Beaumont-du-Périgord has a fortified church and a covered market. The village was founded by the English in the XIIIth century. Not much further is the Abbey of Cadouin, founded in the XIth century by Cistercian monks. The stalactite cave of Maxange. The medieval village of Limeuil with panoramic views and the old flat “gabarre” boats, its ancient harbour at a point where the river Vézère flows into the Dordogne. Discover also the “Cingle de Trémolat” with its large bend in the river Dordogne. It is worth visiting medieval Belvès high up its hill.

What to say about the markets of the Périgord ?

camping-dordogne-vignoble-vinThey are waiting for you with locally sourced produce : regional duck specialties, sausages, pâtés, cheeses, nuts, strawberries and regional wines (Bergerac, Pécharmant, Monbazillac..). During the summer there are many evening markets and medieval feasts in the villages.

A proud town on the riverbank of the Dordogne

camping-dordogne-village-medievaleNearby : Bergerac ! With its memory of the ‘gabarres’, the old flat ships which transported merchandise from the heart of France to Bordeaux on the Atlantic coast. A lovely Renaissance town centre and… Cyrano’s silhouette ! As far as the vineyards are concerned.. Here you can enjoy the colourful palette of five types of wine : 13 AOC, 30000 acres : Monbazillac, Pécharmant, Saussignac, matured red, fruity rosé, liqueur- or dessert wines… Each with its own flavour, composed by passionate producers. Let them entice you to walk in the vineyards, and visit the cellars for a taste.

You will discover all this and.. you will be back, because there is always more !

See you very soon in Holiday village Le Moulin de Surier in the Dordogne -Périgord.

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