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Aquarium Périgord Noir

A playful and educational universe

Built more than 27 years ago, the Aquarium du Périgord Noir is today the largest private freshwater aquarium in Europe.
On 4000m² discover 66 basins and more than 3 million liters of water hosting more than 6000 fishes: from the pond carp to the catfish of the rivers, to the impressive sturgeons of the estuaries, the freshwater fishes will have no more secret for you.
In 2014, to celebrate the site’s 25th anniversary, 1500 square meters were added with the opening of the Alligator Park. In this space, you will discover the world of Jo Mc Clack, famous alligator hunter converted into a fierce defender. You will pass through 7 different atmospheres: Jo’s House, Alligator Ranch, Alligator Bayou, Lizard Alley, Turtle Beach, Snake Mine and Iguana Greenhouse.

The aquarium of the Périgord noir is located in BUGUE/VÉZÈRE near SARLAT. Since its creation, it has received more than 4 million visitors for their great pleasure.

The schedules

From February 10th to March 30th : 12pm to 6pm
From March 31 to June 30: 10am to 6pm
From July 01 to September 03: 10am to 8pm
From September 03 to November 11: 12pm to 6pm