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The Périgord in a horse-drawn carriage

Located in the small village of Mazeyrolles, in the south of the Périgord Noir,

The Périgord en Calèche welcomes you from April to October for thematic days, carriage rides, strolls and horseback riding.

Whether you are alone, with friends or in groups, the Périgord en Calèche, with its twenty-six years of experience, will make your day or your stay an unforgettable moment.

The Périgord en Calèche also offers you original stays of two to seven days in the Périgord.

Its programs will allow you to discover the historical, cultural, gastronomic and artisanal heritage of this sumptuous region, including carriage, stagecoach and gabarre rides on the “Esperance” river.

You will be the ones driving the carriages, accompanied by the owner Gilles Marescassier who will welcome you in person on the site.

Gilles Marescassier

Tel : 06 81 47 00 88
or 05 53 29 98 99