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“LE SURIER” – 24440 Beaumont du Périgord
Tél. : +33 (0)5 53 24 91 98
Capital social 177.000 €uros
RCS BERGERAC 437 766 264 00067
Numéro de TVA intracommunautaire FR90437766264


2, Boulevard Jean Moulin 44100 NANTES
Tél. : 02 51 80 88 88
Fax : 02 51 80 88 87
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RCS Nantes B 410 557 151
SIRET : 41055715100017 .

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Tel: 05 53 24 91 98


A deposit payment of 30% of the rental price must be made at the time of confirming your booking. The balance of the rental booking is payable 30 days prior to your arrival date. Payment may be made by cheque, holiday voucher, credit/debit card, bank transfer or in cash. Full payment by credit/debit card or bank transfer will be required for bookings made less than 30 days prior to your stay. Tourist tax is payable on your day of arrival. We do not offer options on bookings.


In the event of Management needing to cancel a booking for accommodation rental services, guests who have received a booking confirmation will subsequently be notified either by email or by post and will then receive a full refund for the amount they have already paid.

–    Cancellation by the Management. Amounts paid will be fully refunded, except in cases of force majeure.

–    Cancellation by the guest. You must notify the campsite in writing (by recorded delivery or email with acknowledgment of receipt). Otherwise, you will be required to pay all outstanding sums stated in your contract.

Cancellation fees schedule:

–    More than 120 days before the scheduled date of arrival: The deposit will be returned and booking fees will be retained.

–    Between 30 and 120 days before the scheduled date of arrival: Booking fees will be retained and an amount equal to 30% of the total price of your stay will be paid in compensation.

–   Less than 30 days before the scheduled date of arrival, or in the event of a no-show at the campsite on the date of arrival: An amount equal to the total price of your stay will be due for payment. To ensure you are eligible for compensation, we advise you to take out cancellation or interruption of stay insurance at the time of making your booking. This will allow you to obtain a partial or total refund for your stay, depending on the conditions stated within the insurance contract.

For further information about the “CampezCouvert” insurance policy, visit our website or find out more from the link available on our online bookings website.



In the event of a late arrival or early departure from the dates originally scheduled, Moulin de Surier will retain the total amount for the booking. Guests may not claim any refund from Management for time not used during the period booked. Must make every effort to prevent any delay to their arrival, in order to retain their rights over the rental booking. If Management has had no news from a guest within 24 hours following the arrival date, they reserve the right to freely reallocate the accommodation if required.  In such a case, no refund will be made and the entire rental price will be due for payment.

Arrival times are scheduled on Saturday or Sunday afternoons from 4.00 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.

To arrange arrivals later than these times, please contact us directly. An additional €15 per hour will be charged for any arrival after 7.30 p.m.

Departure times are on Saturday or Sunday mornings before 10.00 a.m. Bookings may not be extended without prior agreement from Management. If an extension is agreed, full payment to cover the extended time period must be made immediately.

During low season, please contact us to arrange alternative days to Saturday.


Guests must occupy site accommodation in person, with due diligence and ensure it is properly maintained.

Rentals are booked for the number of people indicated (MOOREA chalet 2/3 people, REVE chalet 4 people, ATLANTE mobile home 5 people, PACIFIC mobile home 6 people, Lodge cabin 5 people, Perched cabin 2/6 people, Safari tent 5 people).

Tourist tax will be due for any additional people to those stated.

We will take a full inventory prior to your arrival. If you would like any additional utensils or you notice there is not enough equipment for the number of people in your party, please notify Reception within 24 hours. We ensure all facilities have been checked and are in good working order prior to your arrival. However, it is possible for technical issues to occur which may escape our attention. Any such issues must be highlighted within 24 hours of your arrival. Beyond this time, any damage found on inspecting accommodation at the end of your stay will be charged to your account.


Facilities and equipment at Moulin de Surier must be used for their intended purposes.In the event of any deterioration to the rental accommodation, loss or destruction of removable items, used to decorate accommodation or damage to the communal buildings, you will be held solely responsible as the contract holder. In respect of rental accommodation, guests will be personally liable for any damages, loss or deterioration to both accommodation as well as any facilities at Moulin de Surier. They will also be held liable for any damages caused by any person visiting or staying with them.

Guests should ensure they take out civil liability insurance (your deposit does not constitute a liability limit).

In addition, guests should never throw any objects down the sink, washbasin or toilet that are likely to block drainage pipes. As a result, they may be liable for the repair costs incurred.

During the summer rental period, Management cannot be held responsible for any delays to repairs or issues in finding a professional to carry out repairs.


An end-of-stay cleaning procedure is provided for each guest’s accommodation (this procedure can be found in the welcome booklet).

Accommodation must be swept, dishes washed and put away, coffee filters removed, waste must be sorted and rubbish bins emptied.

An end-of-stay cleaning charge of 15 euros applies to all rental bookings. This cost covers all other procedures we carry out at the end of our guests’ stay, to ensure hygiene standards are met for each of our guest accommodation units.

If the maintenance manager finds that accommodation has been left in a state requiring a cleaning team to intervene, a charge of 55 euros will be made to your account (any signs of non-compliance with the non-smoking directive will immediately trigger this additional flat rate charge). The price of cleaning soiled quilts, pillows and mattresses may be charged in addition to the standard charge for cleaning accommodation.

Compensation charges will apply for any kind of deteriation found to curtains, wallpaper, ceilings, rugs, carpets, windows, bedding and more generally, any other equipment we provide.



You are on private property. For this reason and for everyone’s safety, you are obliged to notify reception of any visitors you receive. All non-registered or surprise visitors arriving at Moulin de Surier will automatically be sent away. Visitors are the responsibility of the guest receiving them in accordance with these regulations. They are required to pay a charge of €4/day/visitor for access to the campsite or €9/day/visitor if they would also like to have access to the lake and certain other facilities.



The total rental price as well as other additional services paid at the beginning of your stay and not used, does not give rise to any refund, no matter what the cause. If you would like to be covered in the event of these circumstances, please refer to our offer for insurance, at the time of confirming your booking, (refer to the section on “Interruption of stay”)

Guests may not dispute any request made by Management or their representative to make a visit to rental accommodation.

9 – PETS

Pets are welcome. They must be kept on a lead whilst on the Moulin de Surier site and for the well-being and respect of others, they must be walked outside the grounds to do their business. They are not allowed in the playground areas nor around the pool, the lake or beach area.

Only one animal per guest accommodation is permitted. Dogs weighing up to 10kg are allowed. Pet owners are entirely responsible for any damage caused.

Rabies vaccines and tattoo certificates are required. Cleaning/disinfecting services may be charged if rental accommodation is not left in an immaculate state.


10 – GUARANTEE DEPOSIT (this does not constitute a liability limit)

A guarantee deposit of €300 will be requested on arrival.

Payment should be made upon arrival by cheque, credit/debit card or in cash. This payment will be returned to you in full or cancelled with no interest charged, within 30 days following your stay if the inventory carried out by our Service team is found to be satisfactory.

Charges for items borrowed or rented during your stay which have not been returned at the time of your departure or for costs covering any repairs to accommodation will be deducted from your deposit.

The guarantee deposit is not a guarantee limit.



The liability of Moulin de Surier, beyond its legal responsibility, does not apply in the event of:

–    Theft, loss or damage of any nature whatsoever, during or after your stay,

–    Breakdown of technical equipment or equipment being out of order; breakdown or closure of site facilities,

–   Specific measures may be taken by Moulin de Surier to limit access to certain facilities due to compliance with safety standards or for planned maintenance. These areas include the pool, slides, playgrounds, laundry facilities and the sports field.



By staying at the Moulin de Surier, you accept by tacit agreement that photos of you and your family (including children who are minors) and your belongings may be used as part of campsite promotions published in print or as virtual documents (on the website). These photos will not contain any first names, surnames or addresses of people appearing in the images. If you do not wish any photos of you or your family to appear, please advise us on arrival.



The regional competent court is that located where the rental accommodation is situated. However, guests may refer the matter to the court situated where they were resident when the contract was concluded if the renter is a professional.

Dear Clients, all of these details are deemed necessary in order to avoid any ambiguity and to ensure you have an enjoyable stay at MOULIN DE SURIER.

The guest acknowledges confirmation of their booking and payment of their deposit, having read the description of the rental accommodation as well as the rental general terms and conditions, as stated above.

In accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Code concerning “the mediation procedure for consumer disputes”, the client has the right to use the free of charge mediation service offered by MDS Pauliot sarl/LeMoulinDeSurier. The “consumer law” mediator proposed is MEDICYS.

This mediation process can be consulted:

– on the website:

– or requested in writing to: MEDICYS – Centre de médiation et règlement amiable des huissiers de justice- 73, Boulevard de Clichy, 75009 – Paris


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